Facilitation for Problem Solving & Team Success

Professional facilitation creates an atmosphere of trust and synergy which generates results in collaborative situations.

Skilled facilitators increase the ability of people to work creatively and productively together

Bringing people together to solve problems, plan, make decisions, and obtain resources requires both the science and art of a professional facilitator

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Benefits of Skilled Facilitation


Skilled facilitation improves group effectiveness by overcoming some of the inherent difficulties of working in groups. 

  • Group members are more motivated to discuss and support decisions
  • Professionally facilitated groups yield better results than individual decision makers
  • Participation and involvement increased productivity
  • Employee participation gives employees a chance to feel influential and useful
  • Innovation, problem solving, and implementation results improve
  • A forum is provided for constructive conflict resolution and clarifying misunderstandings

Meetings are the primary way people get together, reach consensus and make decisions.

Generally, groups of people work face to face to tackle issues, make plans, explore solutions, share information, and decide plans of action. A skilled facilitator applies most of their expertise during these meetings.

Unfortunately, unless an organization has specifically targeted improving its meetings, poor meeting practices become a habit.

Facilitators help organizations improve attitudes towards meetings and improve meeting productivity by coaching and influencing the participants.

Facilitation a meeting requires more than simply leading a series of discussions. The skilled facilitator will work with a client to plan a meeting built around results oriented objectives.

Meeting Facilitation

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Team Facilitation

The team facilitator not only facilitates team meetings but also guides and coaches the team to become more effective.

A competent Team  facilitator understands team development and include team building activities and self evaluations within team meetings

An effective team facilitator ask questions to clarify roles, and coaches the team to adopt these roles to improve collaboration, and professional growth.

Some of the advantages of employing an external team facilitator is the facilitator is more objective and neutral. They do not have biases about the organization or need to deal with organizational politics.

Some meetings and projects involve people across the organization. This type of facilitation requires and additional consulting skills.

These types of projects involve working with managers and senior leaders in one or more business units to improve processes, communication, product defects, and company policies.

  • Some examples of assignments that may require consulting skills are:
  • Facilitating a task force to examine product defects, or new materials
  • Facilitating a cross functional team to implement the new computer system
  • Facilitating management and senior leader strategy sessions
  • Intervening in department or division communications to help a client group identify and solve conflicts
  • Guiding improvement team projects , especially those that require working across the organization

Organization and Quality Improvement Project Facilitation

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