About Me

In 2007, the residential homebuilding industry collapsed.  I found myself pursuing a new path of helping others find the resources they need to create their brightest futures.

This led to to my new career as a trainer, consultant and coach.

I am a direct, deep thinker who loves to explore process, models that work, and technology that solves problems.

I’ve developed several companies including Business Training Resource, Business Technology Resource, the Princeton Tri-State Center for NLP, and most recently, Executive Effectiveness.

What I value

  • Collaborative decision making
  • Courtesy and Respect for others
  • Problem Solving with measurable results
  • Support for others goals
  • Fitness fueled by Peet’s coffee

My Influencers

Several important people (both living and passed) have influenced my beliefs, vales, and capabilities.

Here is a partial list and their focus:

Robert Dilts – Business and leadership epistemology

Steve Andreas – Personal and relationship growth

Mel Silberman – Active training mentor – Adults learn by doing

Anthony Campolo – Spiritual awareness and kindness towards others

H. James Harrington – Quality and measurement thinking

Karen Pryor – Behavioral psychology and the power of Positive Reinforcement

Companies & Sites




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Tools I use...

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement reinforces what a person is doing RIGHT rather than concentrating on what they doing wrong. It increases the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated.


Meta-programs are mental processes that help people manage, guide and direct their experiences. They help us decide what to pay attention to and we distort, delete, and generalize the rest..


Kanban is a system that helps prioritize work in a way that promotes productivity and balance. Unlike other complicated frameworks and productivity techniques, personal Kanban has two essential rules: make your task list visual and limit your work in progress

GTD - Getting Things Done

GTD is the best productivity system because it can be adapted to fit a person's unique patterns, has models that you can use for a lifetime, and leads to real productivity.

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